ivfv clearing fixed values onn exit

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ivfv clearing fixed values onn exit

Postby nick.mulgan » Mon Oct 07, 2019 5:51 am


I am using e-surge 2.2.0 on a windows 64 box.
I have gepat and gemaco working.
When I run ivfv it loads my .fix file and displays the fixed parameters with checkboxes but after I click "Exit" and "Run", the parameters are no longer fixed. If I go back into ivfv after exiting, before running, the fixed parameters are no longer fixed then too. e-surge does not seem to remember the settings from ivfv once it is closed. All run parameters are set as default.

Has anyone seen this problem before?

Thanks in advance

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Re: ivfv clearing fixed values onn exit

Postby simone77 » Fri Oct 18, 2019 5:05 am

I am using the same E-SURGE version and operative system. Not sure to understand what you mean when you say "after I click Exit and Run the parameters are no longer fixed".

How/where do you see it?

I have just run a CJS with two states and events, fixed the first recapture p to 1 (GEMACO: firste+nexte.t) and the second to 0.2, saved this to a *.fix file, and closed the IVFV window. I have opened the IVFV again, loaded the *.fix file and the fixed parameters are in fact loaded, run the model and seen the output. The output is correct, the first and second parameters of Event (recapture probability) are set respectively to 1 and 0.2.

However, it is normal that when you open the IVFV again, the parameters you had ticked before are no longer ticked. This seems logical to me because, for example, you might had in the manwhile changed the structure in GEMACO. Then, every time you are about to run a model and arrive to the step of fixing parameters in the IVFV window, you have to load the *.fix file (if you do not want to do it manually).

That said, I must say that I have not used that feature almost never because, like every automatism, it carries a small risk that you are wrong and end up setting parameters that you do not want to set. The risk is actually very small because the program recognizes if there are a different number of parameters and, when loading the * .fix file, you get an error message. But in the very bad case that they have the same number of parameters you can be wrong without realizing it (actually very very unlikely to happen!).
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