Pre-release secr 3.0.0 and new documentation

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Pre-release secr 3.0.0 and new documentation

Postby murray.efford » Tue Apr 11, 2017 4:24 pm

secr 3.0.0 is now in pre-release. It is available at in virtually final form, and will be posted on CRAN in a few weeks.

This is a major revision, and some changes in behaviour should be expected. Some estimates and likelihoods also change. There are big internal changes but most things should work as before. This is not true for telemetry and mark-resight data, which have changed significantly - see the much revised vignettes secr-telemetry.pdf and secr-markresight.pdf. Polygon and transect models now require one of the hazard detection functions HHN, HEX, HHR, HAN, HCG.

New documentation is provided as pdf files on the Density website: detailed accounts of habitat masks and multi-session data, and an evolving introductory tutorial. Feedback that might improve these materials is most welcome.

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