announcing secr 2.9.0

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announcing secr 2.9.0

Postby murray.efford » Tue Sep 23, 2014 2:18 am

secr 2.9.0 is the first major release for several months. The vignettes have been updated (they now use RMarkdown, RStudio and knitr) and a new dataset has been added (OVpossum). The 'fxi' functions have been extended (but do read the vignette secr-densitysurfaces.pdf!). Users may provide their own non-Euclidean distance matrix or function. Regression spline smooths are enabled (using mgcv to construct basis functions, as proposed by Borchers and Kidney in prep.). Plotting of density surfaces has been improved, and a legend is added by default. Function secr.test() is provided for Monte Carlo goodness-of-fit testing. Several interface bugs are fixed - my thanks to people who have reported them.

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