announcing secr 2.5.0

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announcing secr 2.5.0

Postby murray.efford » Wed Jan 23, 2013 9:19 pm

This new version of the R package for spatially explicit capture–recapture includes major extensions for time-varying detector-specific effort (non-binary usage), for discretizing detections along transects (snip), and for aggregating nearby detectors (reduce.capthist ‘span’ argument).

Variable non-binary usage works like an offset in glm models. This can remove the need to model time-varying detector-level covariates, and allows the seamless analysis of quite ragged datasets. Details are provided in a new vignette (secr-varyingeffort.pdf), and in a forthcoming paper by Efford and Borchers. Non-binary usage slows down model fitting; it is hoped to fix this in future releases.

Functions for plotting probability density contours of home-range centres (fxi) have been improved, and several other bugs have been fixed. See NEWS for details.

Models for binomial count detectors are now parameterised in terms of the detection probability (g0 = p) rather than the expected number of detections (g0 = p.binomN); the estimated g0 from, and output from sim.capthist(), will therefore differ from previous versions for these models.

Windows and Mac binaries should be available on CRAN in a day or so.

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