announcing secr 2.4.0

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announcing secr 2.4.0

Postby murray.efford » Tue Nov 06, 2012 1:10 am

Version 2.4.0, now available on CRAN, adds significant new capability and fixes some critical bugs

• Parallel processing with multiple cores on one machine is now possible in some contexts, and sometimes saves time; the only user action required is to specify the argument "ncores" where ncores > 1 (see the help page ?Parallel).
• Radiotelemetry data may be incorporated in a spatially explicit capture–recapture analysis (see help page ?addTelemetry)
• Time-varying detector covariates are documented for the first time (see help page ?timevaryingcov)
• RMarkInput() handles individual covariates

Significant bugs fixed
o k, K models did not work with multi-session data
o individual covariate problems with multi-session data
o derived() sometimes failed with varying number of traps per session
o fxi.contour() and fxi.secr() failed with normal = FALSE
o RMarkInput() added a spurious occasion when grouped = FALSE
o simulate.secr() could fail with multi-session model when mask size varied between sessions

See NEWS at for a full list of changes.
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