announcing secr 2.0.0

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announcing secr 2.0.0

Postby murray.efford » Wed Feb 23, 2011 9:40 pm

secr 2.0 is now available on CRAN (source and Windows binary; Mac binary to follow). This version rigorously implements detector types for data from active searches of areas (‘polygon’) or routes (‘transect’) in which the location of each detection is noted. New detector types ‘polygonX’ and ‘transectX’ handle exclusive detections i.e., an animal can appear in only one polygon or transect at a time. The flat-tailed horned lizard dataset of Royle and Young (Ecology, 2008) is included as a prime example of polygon data, but the methods are also suited to faecal samples identified by DNA etc.

Functions (prefixed ‘fxi’) are belatedly added for the probability density of individual range centres (Borchers and Efford Biometrics 2008). Other more minor additions include a sort method for capthist objects, a function ‘alive’ for extracting the status of each detection, and functions for converting rectangular polygon data to and from BUGS input format for data augmentation (‘read.DA’, ‘write.DA’). There are many minor changes and improvements over 1.5.1, and known bugs have been fixed, as detailed in news(package=’secr’).
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