announcing secr 1.5.1

announcements (new versions, changes, bugs, installation problems...) related to program DENSITY and the R package secr

announcing secr 1.5.1

Postby murray.efford » Fri Dec 03, 2010 5:22 am

Version 1.5 of the R package 'secr' is now available for download from CRAN and from (binaries for Windows & Mac usually appear on CRAN after a lag of 1-2 days). New features include functions to check the suitability of habitat masks and to plot contours of detection probability, new detection functions, enhanced use of GIS data to delimit habitat, and lazy loading of example data. A few bugs have been fixed and documentation has been improved (see especially 'secr-datainput.pdf'). For a full list of changes see To run secr 1.5.1 you will need the most recent version of R (2.12.0).
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