announcing secr 1.4

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announcing secr 1.4

Postby murray.efford » Sat May 08, 2010 5:42 pm

The R package secr 1.4 has new functions for streamlined data input from text files, closure tests (Otis et al. 1978, Stanley & Burnham 1999), simple estimation of closed-population N, and trap-revealed range size. New example datasets include two 'classic' small mammal trapping datasets from Otis et al. (1978) (Coulombe's California salt marsh house mice and Reid's Colorado Peromyscus), the stoat DNA dataset from Efford, Borchers & Byrom (2009), and a skink pitfall trapping dataset with habitat covariates. Windows and Mac binaries of secr 1.4 are now available on CRAN (see Packages at, or install from your R GUI). For more details see NEWS on the package's page at CRAN, or check after installing and loading the package by typing news(package='secr').
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