announcing secr 1.3

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announcing secr 1.3

Postby egc » Fri Mar 19, 2010 7:54 pm

Announcing secr 1.3

‘secr’ is an R package for spatially explicit capture-recapture analysis. It is used to fit models to data from an array of detectors (e.g., traps) for an estimate of population density. Formulae are used to specify models as in RMark. Models may include spatial, temporal or individual covariates. ‘secr’ includes a rich set of options, and functions for manipulating data and fitted models. The latest version of secr is now available on CRAN (e.g., Packages | Install package(s) in R on Windows) and at New features in secr 1.3 include acoustic detection with microphone arrays and finite mixture models for individual heterogeneity in detection parameters. See the document ‘secr-overview.pdf’ on the website for more detail, and note the upcoming workshop at ISEC 2010.
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