Unique Release-Recapture and Removal design

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Unique Release-Recapture and Removal design

Postby tspaulding » Wed Jun 21, 2023 3:56 pm

I am working through the statistics based on a study design and I feel like something just isn't clicking. I'm pretty familiar with linear spatial mark-resight designs, but for some reason I'm completely struggling with something here and could use some outside eyes.

Study questions:
What is the capture probability at traps (occasions) 1 & 2 given the third trap has a capture probability = 1 (all fish must enter this trap)?
What is the survival probability between each trap.

Current release and trap design:
Release 1 (n = 300) occurs above all traps
Release 2 (n = 300) occurs below traps 1 & 2
Removal of all individuals occurs at each trap.

My initial thought was that this could be solved with a standard CJS, setting the capture probability of occasion 3 = 1 and the creation of two cohorts. But, the removal of individuals is where I'm stumped. How do I account for removals without conflating removal with survival?
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Re: Unique Release-Recapture and Removal design

Postby jlaake » Wed Jan 24, 2024 7:35 pm

Not sure why this hasn't received any replies. I must have overlooked it in my inbox. Unless I'm misunderstanding your removals would just be loss on captures which are designated with a frequency value of -1 and yes that should work with CJS.
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